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A reputable tuner of BMW motorcars
AC-Schnitzer will transform your plebian 5 series wagon into a fly sleeper for a mere $10Gs
by slick rick April 15, 2005
Abbreviation for Hard Nipple Syndrome

When you nipples get perky in the cold, or during excitement.
"wow, you have some serious HNS goin on, those things are almost rippin through your shirt"
by slick rick June 16, 2003
an automotive instrument used to meausure car power levels, rev limits and overall estimated outputs
i put my rice burner on the dyno
it has an estimated 6.55 horsepower
by slick rick September 26, 2003
some bitch made motha fucka
kalmoose is some bitch made motha fucka
by slick rick July 08, 2003
cock, dick, etc
get off my dilznit , bitch.
by slick rick August 16, 2003
You are doing a girl from behind while she is facing a window. You pull out and your friend resumes for you while the girl still thinks its you. You then walk outside, and wave to the girl through the window, therefore telling the girl that it is no longer you fucking her.
Yo bitch you wanna come over and pull the phantom friend on my girl.
by Slick Rick February 16, 2005
gook alias of Andrew yeh
"Hey there Ghentar"
by slick rick June 16, 2003
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