One step above flaming-homosexual on the gay scale. Someone who is not only a flaming homosexual but is also a pedifile that attempts to make straight men, perform homo acts.
Straight man: cya later brah

Homo: blow me?

Straight man: no, dont be a timmy!
by blowme? October 04, 2009
often associated with sending gay ass pornographic pictures of his albino ass hanging out. Leg is usually proped up on the bathroom counter in a very homosexual way that is usually done by the female gender only. Sometimes and mostly obtaining a small penis and is covered by the propped up leg to hide said item.
"Man i just sent her a Timmy"
"Ew Karen I just got a Timmy from this guy"
by Albino Ass March 21, 2008
Small or soft dick; name for dick that cant stay hard; someone with erectile dysfunction
Come on dude, don't have a timmy.
by Swirlygirl September 03, 2008
Chewing tobacco, like a lip, or throwing in a lip.
"Dude, let's throw in a timmy."
"Fuck yeah, dude!"
by Zach, Ricky, Mike March 16, 2008
paintball slang for the boblong intimidator
dude that timmy is throwin ropes
by wags122 May 14, 2006
A word that describes how drunk, stoned, or combination of the two a person is. This describes how they feel. Can be used interchangably with the word "Krunk"
"Dude!! I am so timmy right now! Lets play Kings!"
by Ian Tizzity Taylor May 26, 2006
Meaning an asshole and a jerk. He tends to be very controlling. And gets upset easily. Thinks he's always right.
Why do you keep doing this Timmy?

by Cakes are love101 November 09, 2014

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