often associated with sending gay ass pornographic pictures of his albino ass hanging out. Leg is usually proped up on the bathroom counter in a very homosexual way that is usually done by the female gender only. Sometimes and mostly obtaining a small penis and is covered by the propped up leg to hide said item.
"Man i just sent her a Timmy"
"Ew Karen I just got a Timmy from this guy"
by Albino Ass March 21, 2008
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A word that describes how drunk, stoned, or combination of the two a person is. This describes how they feel. Can be used interchangably with the word "Krunk"
"Dude!! I am so timmy right now! Lets play Kings!"
by Ian Tizzity Taylor May 26, 2006
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Typically a Fat IT worker, that has no education. But is smart enough to steal internet for gaming use. Usually is shunned by others as a lame gamer. Attire consists of pocket Ts and jeans.
Usage: You are such a Timmy. Go find a blow up doll
by rex willsion May 29, 2009
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paintball slang for the boblong intimidator
dude that timmy is throwin ropes
by wags122 May 14, 2006
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To explosively defecate, without aim or finesse. In laymans terms, an utter shitsplosion.
"Did you here about that guy at the party the other night?"
"Yeah, I heard he did a timmy all over the bathroom!"
by Secronz December 03, 2012
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One of the most amazing guys you'll ever meet. He's kind, funny, loyal, cute, and just someone you can go to if you're having a bad day. He's a gentleman and treats his girlfriend (who loves him so much and is extremely lucky to have him) like a princess. Family means everything to him and there's no doubt about it that he'd be an AMAZING dad someday. He loves sports, but football is his absolute favorite. He has a teddy-bear-like disposition making him liked by almost everybody and earning him the nickname 'care bear' (Timmy Bear from his girlfriend). He's definitely one of a kind and is someone you want to keep in your life forever <3
Timmy's girlfriend: what did I ever do to deserve Timmy? <3
by gabybearbyrheart August 11, 2016
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Props the gayest mother fucker you'll ever meet. He likes to lay in bed at night, cuddle up with a pillow and talk on the phone with guys.
by yoyomaaaaaamaaaa July 31, 2011
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