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The act of doing something really retarded, and then making it seem like he meant to do that, or as if it's not his fault for doing something stupid
Allison: Haha that kid just fell down
Bob: Did he seriously just trip down the stairs
Allison: Yeah he pulled a timmy
Bob: Haha what an idiot
by FCTSFunnyGuy January 07, 2010
That person in a wheelchair who always runs your feet over at the most inconvinient time. Mainly occurs in a hallway at school or work.
Jeff: Oh shit watch your feet
Susan: What are you talking about
Jeff: Here comes the Crippled GT
by FCTSFunnyGuy January 09, 2010
An rediculously old bag who teaches English. Although kids may not know, he is able to get his point across, and in the end will probably outlive us.
Becka: Man I really want to switch out of this class
Mike: Why?
Becka: He's just such an old bag
Mike: True, but Rusty can teach better than anyone
by FCTSFunnyGuy January 07, 2010
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