Celtic fan, Scum, IRA, Unwashed, Septic, In-Bred!

Hey William, Look at that dirty Tim!

Neil Lennon is a Tim!
by kingwilly May 11, 2011
An awkward deformed mutant that is probably an extremist in his Islamic Beliefs, sometimes Tims are Buddhists, but mostly they believe in brown smelly god. mostly stays home all day and plays video games and pretends to be cool. Even if he tries to be good looking by working out, He's still the ugliest guy on the block.
by ChrisHAHAHAHAyyyy June 14, 2011
someone who is more in love with their biceps than anything else in the world. They thinks they are players but tims are in fact the opposite. Hide from tims. Lock your doors. Once you've been touched by a tim you'll never be the same again.
girl 1: who's that?

girl 2: ewww he's such a tim, get him away from me
by gossip girl xo March 07, 2012
A Freaking Aweshum Person who is greater than you in all ways. Yes, All ways. He always insults people and makes that's what she said jokes.
Kid 2: IT'S SO BIG
Tim: That's What She Said.
Kid 1: Tim You're Not HELPING
Tim: Neither are you SHUT UP
by Hooooooooopi2 October 16, 2010
Guy who thinks he is so good at NBA 2K but in reality, he is just a scrub. Often picks the thunder claiming they are his favorite team.

Uses Durant on every play possible. Plays with the thunder because he doesn't have a chance with any other team. Foolishly thinks he is the best.
Tim : Darin you trying to play me in 2K?

Darin: The last 5 times we played I skunked you. You feel Like losing again?

Tim: Imma get Durant and I'm gonna win this time.

(*Thomas gets Skunked in first quarter)

Darin: Now that's 6 times.

Tim: Maaaaaannnnnn! You got lucky again homeboy!

(*Cycle continues)
by Agentzero2400 September 28, 2011
Adj. To consistently land girls rated a 4 out of 10 or lower. ie. to have no standards.

N. To be one who hooks up with many 4's on a regular basis.

V. To get drunk enough to hook up with a 4.
"Look at Victor, he's pulling a Tim!"

"Hey man, if she's drunk and you're drunk... fuck it."

"Dude, if there's grass play golf!"

by Hetzle7 November 20, 2009
tim" is another word for being accidently rimmed and on the street as slang is called "getting a timmy
"oh abi you didnt!..." girl1
"oh yehhhs ;)" girl2
" you gave him a tim didnt you?!?!" girl1
"Ohhhhh yeahhh ;O" girl2
by kokibubblesasha August 25, 2010

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