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Tim works as a stoned paperboy by day and a stoned gas station clerk by night. He listens to rad music, and he has a really messy car. But it's okay because then you can just leave your garbage in there and not worry about it. He is a good friend who you can always be yourself around. He always knows how to make you laugh or cheer you up. His one flaw is that he farts on people's beds.
Emily: Hey, when is Mifflin this year?
Cindy: I dunno, but I bet there's gonna be lot of Tims there.

Emily: Really? Rock on. What iss your nom?
by CindyEm January 26, 2013
oh my woot woot. woW
can i barrow a dollar
can i barrow a penny
can i have some crust
can i have a sip
can i have a chip
can i have a piece of bbq
can i stop mooching? HELL NO.
by dax February 28, 2005
A hot guy with an amazing body. He goes for every girl that moves and says the same shit to every girl. Hes a huge player, flirt, and cheater but no girl ever finds out. Tim tries to be sneaky but only the best girls find out what he does. Every girl ends up crying over Tim because he cant be trusted. Most girls friends warn her about messing with Tim but shes to hipnotized to listen. He tends to like and comment every girls picture that he sees. Hes a dirty lier and just isnt trustworthy atall. Tim is just simply a man whore who cant hold a relationship.
'tim- Baby i love you " *fwds to 10000 girls*
by Amycakesukme1hard23 April 09, 2010
A telepathic connection you have with someone. It is like I.M. but with "telepathic" brain waves.
Person 1: So what do you think about the new Nelly Furtado C.D.?
Person 2: OMG, I was just gonna ask you that!
Person 1: That is totally our T.I.M.!
by Coco Rosenberg October 17, 2006
tim" is another word for being accidently rimmed and on the street as slang is called "getting a timmy
"oh abi you didnt!..." girl1
"oh yehhhs ;)" girl2
" you gave him a tim didnt you?!?!" girl1
"Ohhhhh yeahhh ;O" girl2
by kokibubblesasha August 25, 2010
To get f*cked in the @ss by a black guy with a tiny dick and then lick it off while folding laundry with your feet.
Dude: Yeah man, she totally Tim-ed me last night. Good thing too, I had alot of laundry.
by meeeee... January 10, 2013
A lazy arse
Holly: Ohh, so you are called Tim?

Tim: yeah

Holly: You must be such a lazy arse

Tim: huh?
by Hxxx April 12, 2010