tim" is another word for being accidently rimmed and on the street as slang is called "getting a timmy
"oh abi you didnt!..." girl1
"oh yehhhs ;)" girl2
" you gave him a tim didnt you?!?!" girl1
"Ohhhhh yeahhh ;O" girl2
by kokibubblesasha August 25, 2010
following the concept of marklar, tim is a word that can be used to replace any noun, verb, or adjective. experienced "timmers" are able to comunicate with one other through use of tim in their tone and body language.

warning: the concept of tim can only be conquered over a long peiod of time, only experienced "timmers" can tim with correct accuracy
1)you gotta tim that tim
you gotta do that bitch

2)dude im timin the tim hold on
dude im fixing the dryer hold on

by commander cool x 2 June 22, 2006
The name Tim usually belongs to sophomores who linger on the outskirts of every social circle but are unwilling to join one because of an extreme aversion to being "labeled". Too bad the Tim's of the world fail to understand that by doing this they are labeled as one of the weird kids that somehow everyone knows.

His favorite words are probably "tubular", "gnarly", and "far out", and he claims to be able to snowboard and surf. He uses an inordinate amount of hair gel and dreams of having dreads. He wants the world to be exactly like Lennon's "Imagine" but he's just a dreamer without a plan.

Person A: Hey, have you seen Tim today?
Person B: Who's Tim?


Person A: I heard Tim has a TronMaster.
Person B: No, she fired him long ago. He epically FAILED, man.
by TronMaster February 07, 2009
A.K.A. Timmy or Timmy Timmenheimer
The most annoying little shit you will ever meet.
Naomi: Hey... who's that whack freshman over there?
Kelly: Him? Ohh that's just Timmy...
by naomiinomess June 04, 2013
Shrimp. Puny. The smallest person in the room. A man whose arms are so small you are afraid to shake his hand in fear they may break. The name you give to a person smaller. less muscular than Tom.
Is she anorexic or just a tim.

Don't get too close to Tim honey, his arms might break.

That boss Tom looks massive next to Tim Holtorf.
by RyanNotTom August 22, 2010
A hot guy with an amazing body. He goes for every girl that moves and says the same shit to every girl. Hes a huge player, flirt, and cheater but no girl ever finds out. Tim tries to be sneaky but only the best girls find out what he does. Every girl ends up crying over Tim because he cant be trusted. Most girls friends warn her about messing with Tim but shes to hipnotized to listen. He tends to like and comment every girls picture that he sees. Hes a dirty lier and just isnt trustworthy atall. Tim is just simply a man whore who cant hold a relationship.
'tim- Baby i love you " *fwds to 10000 girls*
by Amycakesukme1hard23 April 09, 2010
Adj. To consistently land girls rated a 4 out of 10 or lower. ie. to have no standards.

N. To be one who hooks up with many 4's on a regular basis.

V. To get drunk enough to hook up with a 4.
"Look at Victor, he's pulling a Tim!"

"Hey man, if she's drunk and you're drunk... fuck it."

"Dude, if there's grass play golf!"

by Hetzle7 November 20, 2009
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