someone who is more in love with their biceps than anything else in the world. They thinks they are players but tims are in fact the opposite. Hide from tims. Lock your doors. Once you've been touched by a tim you'll never be the same again.
girl 1: who's that?

girl 2: ewww he's such a tim, get him away from me
by gossip girl xo March 07, 2012
Celtic fan, Scum, IRA, Unwashed, Septic, In-Bred!

Hey William, Look at that dirty Tim!

Neil Lennon is a Tim!
by kingwilly May 11, 2011
Someone who is never at the blame for anything. Does not have much of an attention span and loves his room as hot as it can get. Also has some strange black spots on his penis that look like an STD.
If there is one thing that I learned from brayzzers, it's that if a girl says no, you follow to her car and Tim her.
by Alex1617 February 06, 2011
Used to refer to a douche that looks like a skin head, could also be used to describe someone with an oddly shaped head. Tims may usually be seen having dirty thoughts to themselves, humping things or being excessively perverted in some way. Also may be a competitive asshole.
Yeah, you see Tim over there? He's humping the desk again.
by willybumbum123 May 03, 2011
adv. used to describe anything lanky, skinny, gay, hobo-esque, or straight up unpleasant.
Did you see that Tim under that bridge?
by killancer May 28, 2010
An awkward deformed mutant that is probably an extremist in his Islamic Beliefs, sometimes Tims are Buddhists, but mostly they believe in brown smelly god. mostly stays home all day and plays video games and pretends to be cool. Even if he tries to be good looking by working out, He's still the ugliest guy on the block.
by ChrisHAHAHAHAyyyy June 14, 2011
A toolbox who is not empathetic whatsoever. He sets off all kinds of alarms: fire, flamer, messy, lazy, mean, gay, etc. He is incapable of recognizing with an certain genre of music is appropriate. Usually has a beard.....uses other ppls towels..and doesn't believe in exercising.
by memeshawn January 02, 2011

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