A synonym for a fish, or just anything to do with fish.
Look at all those tims swimming around.
by The Brown Recluse October 24, 2008
Verb: To make a sound similar to a giraffe eating a lemon while piloting a car into a mountain.
"Dude, that guy totally just Tim'd".
by Eradescent June 08, 2014
A funny guy who always laughs. He is most of the time attracted to woman with the name Linda. Its very weird.
Wow he's funny! What a Tim!
by Joffreyboy March 23, 2013
a dumbass at times,also a cool person to hang with,and the best brother to have.
Your the opposite of smart Tim!!
by orange-pop July 29, 2014
Treasure Island Media. An studio which makes hardcore gay pornographic films, without the use of condoms.
T.I.M makes seriously hot films...
by DWBY June 09, 2012
The local Jew-boy
"Hey, there's Tim"
by Ricky's Cousin November 12, 2014
nickname for glasgow celtic football fans
see him there he's no a billy he's a Tim
by DT October 12, 2003

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