A synonym for a fish, or just anything to do with fish.
Look at all those tims swimming around.
by The Brown Recluse October 24, 2008
a funny kid that will always make you smile. listens to all of your annoying life stories and can keep all of your secrets… sometimes! tall with dark hair, tim acquires the attraction of many other girls without trying. if a fried to him, it is easy to begin to like him for more. you may not think so but being friends with a tim is the best decision you will ever make. time make amazing lovers and will change you forever. he cares so deeply even though he may not show it all the time. never hesitate to tell tim anything, he will try so hard to make things work. tim is such an admirable person, he only deserves the best of everything; friends, lovers, events, gifts, parties. your love for a tim is everlasting but sometimes it isn't meant to be in a romantic way, or maybe it is! if its supposed to be it'll work out in the end but breaks are need for a tim and their lover. tim may show mixed feelings to you by showing interest in others you may like but also may be very close to. sometimes they don't realize so give tim a break. he tries hard to please others. tim is a very se;f conscious person but rarely shows it. he is tough on the outside but flaky on inside. tim deserves the world and noting less
girl: my best friend is so sweet. i think i like him but he has so many other hoes!!!
me: oh he must be a tim!
by freakygingers.org May 28, 2015
The local Jew-boy
"Hey, there's Tim"
by Ricky's Cousin November 12, 2014
nickname for glasgow celtic football fans
see him there he's no a billy he's a Tim
by DT October 12, 2003
Total Ithaca Move
Being referred to as a "tanorexic, elitist, North Face-wearing snob." Thanks for calling me skinny, elite and fashionable. T.I.M.

Planning my elaborate wedding with daddy's money 6 years ahead of time. (6 years till my to be cornell alum husband graduates med school) T.I.M
by curls and pearls January 27, 2011
A telepathic connection you have with someone. It is like I.M. but with "telepathic" brain waves.
Person 1: So what do you think about the new Nelly Furtado C.D.?
Person 2: OMG, I was just gonna ask you that!
Person 1: That is totally our T.I.M.!
by Coco Rosenberg October 17, 2006
Treasure Island Media. An studio which makes hardcore gay pornographic films, without the use of condoms.
T.I.M makes seriously hot films...
by DWBY June 09, 2012

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