A synonym for a fish, or just anything to do with fish.
Look at all those tims swimming around.
by The Brown Recluse October 24, 2008
The name Tim usually belongs to sophomores who linger on the outskirts of every social circle but are unwilling to join one because of an extreme aversion to being "labeled". Too bad the Tim's of the world fail to understand that by doing this they are labeled as one of the weird kids that somehow everyone knows.

His favorite words are probably "tubular", "gnarly", and "far out", and he claims to be able to snowboard and surf. He uses an inordinate amount of hair gel and dreams of having dreads. He wants the world to be exactly like Lennon's "Imagine" but he's just a dreamer without a plan.

Person A: Hey, have you seen Tim today?
Person B: Who's Tim?


Person A: I heard Tim has a TronMaster.
Person B: No, she fired him long ago. He epically FAILED, man.
by TronMaster February 07, 2009
A funny guy who always laughs. He is most of the time attracted to woman with the name Linda. Its very weird.
Wow he's funny! What a Tim!
by Joffreyboy March 23, 2013
1.) A short version of the name brand boots "Timberland"
"Nigga, don't step on my Tim's!"
by Brittany_notyourgirl August 28, 2005
Verb: To make a sound similar to a giraffe eating a lemon while piloting a car into a mountain.
"Dude, that guy totally just Tim'd".
by Eradescent June 08, 2014
Random guy you meet online that becomes a special friend even though he's living a while away and Momma would NOT approve. Is a hypocrite to his future kids.
"Dallas knows Tim."
by DallasnotTexas April 26, 2013
Treasure Island Media. An studio which makes hardcore gay pornographic films, without the use of condoms.
T.I.M makes seriously hot films...
by DWBY June 09, 2012

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