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To fuck
"I want to bone that bitch."
by Playa November 24, 2002
Referring to "Timberland" brand boots.
"I was rollin' the streets wearin my Tims."
by Playa November 24, 2002
Big sloppy thing that flops around... that the women love to suck on like lolipops
yea baby take a lick of my lolipop
by playa March 05, 2005
"I dumped a load of 'cock custard' all over her face!"
by Playa November 24, 2002
someone that every girl wants to have and every guy wants to be; it can be used as an adjective or noun
Mike Pruchniewski is studiesel. or Hey look at that studiesel over there.
by playa April 22, 2005
Chris's wifey...EX wifey...maybe FUTURE wifey
'I need a girl to ride ride ride...'
by playa January 12, 2005
someone who is a pervert
dude, look at the quexpod looking at that girls tits
by playa March 06, 2004
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