Totally Ignorant Motherfucker
Man, don't be a Tim!
by squirrel farmers April 02, 2015
A.K.A. Timmy or Timmy Timmenheimer
The most annoying little shit you will ever meet.
Naomi: Hey... who's that whack freshman over there?
Kelly: Him? Ohh that's just Timmy...
by naomiinomess June 04, 2013
To get f*cked in the @ss by a black guy with a tiny dick and then lick it off while folding laundry with your feet.
Dude: Yeah man, she totally Tim-ed me last night. Good thing too, I had alot of laundry.
by meeeee... January 10, 2013
A Tim is a guy who loves blonde big titty Bimbos and occasional cock-suck.Yet,he is in denial of his bisexuality.
Fishboy:I had a really good time with Tim last night.
Tits: Good to hear. what did you guys do?
Fishboy:We innitiated cock sucking all night.He is good with his tongue and a great puller too.
Tits:I bet his a good kisser.
Fishboy:nah his more of a puller.
by icecreamman25 December 12, 2010
A california queer who takes a lotta cock and has no friends except dan mauchly and tyler jennings and sucks huge dick at halo reach.
Did you see that guy over there? Hes a Tim
by vinniesaluga September 25, 2010
Shrimp. Puny. The smallest person in the room. A man whose arms are so small you are afraid to shake his hand in fear they may break. The name you give to a person smaller. less muscular than Tom.
Is she anorexic or just a tim.

Don't get too close to Tim honey, his arms might break.

That boss Tom looks massive next to Tim Holtorf.
by RyanNotTom August 22, 2010
adv. used to describe anything lanky, skinny, gay, hobo-esque, or straight up unpleasant.
Did you see that Tim under that bridge?
by killancer May 28, 2010

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