An energy vampire. It sucks the life out of young boys.
Beware the tilly. It will leave you lifeless and infested with many diseases!
by marsvolta January 27, 2004
Laughing so that an uncontrollable snot bubble comes out of your nose.
I just did a Tilly
by Tillai April 19, 2011
to go on a random excursion. a tilly normally occurs just after a rain storm on a drowsy day
hey, lets go on a tilly.
by gmannn27 June 01, 2009
Tilly, or sometimes called "the tilly" is one of, if not the hardest neighborhood north of the equator. If you know or hear of anyone claiming to be from "the tilly", leave this mother fucker alone.
Friend 1: "Yo dawg, you gonna let that fool talk to you like that?"

Friend 2: "Shit yeah man, my cousin said that crackers from the tilly, I'm not tryin to die tonight"
by Tyrone Kizzaps March 07, 2007
Another word for female genitalia, also a derogatory term to describe women who you wish have sexual relations with.
I'm going to get myself some Tilly tonight
by TheBigMan-andimeanthebiggest January 12, 2011
a word used to intimidate people into shutting up, by threatening to fight them. can also be used for not violent battles, such as rap battles, or bey blade battles..
Don: "hey you! don't smoke in here"
Mona: "you wanna tilly bud?"
by meagz21 March 24, 2011
This species of human has the characteristics of a loser. It takes at least an hour to understand a very simple joke. This creature can be found in any local Brisbane areas, sleeping in parks, bus stops and under bridges.
PERSON 1: "did you see the loser Tilly sleeping under the bridge the other day?"

PERSON 2: "yeah the loser was walking and I tripped her and she grazed her face on the ground!!"
by Retarded loser December 23, 2013
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