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When either from laughing or just breathing too hard, a snot bubble comes out of your nose, or a big drop of snot sort of hangs there for a bit and then goes back in.
Usually followed with embarrassment and laughter.
I just did a tilly!
by my foot hurts April 22, 2011
2 11
Another word for a Downie.
Haha seeing that Tilly in the gym last night was so funny.
by 9871160 January 19, 2011
1 10
as in, you are so tilly (like teepy for sleepy)
by buzzbuzzbeebee February 05, 2009
9 18
The male urethral opening; the hole at the end of the penis.
After banging a particularly unsavory skank, Bruce noticed redness and swelling around his tilly.
by JumpinJackBrash February 02, 2010
5 15
another term for jacking it
My brother was in the bathroom for a long time and when he came out i knew he was tillying.
by Britttttttttttttttt July 31, 2008
17 30
Another word for toot or fart...It shouldnt be used for names or pets names
Julie! Did you just tilly?
by NickOdie1313 February 05, 2009
6 26
a retarded girl who makes gestures as if she were an injured dog
Chelsey Wales is a great example of a tilly.
by sergebull March 25, 2008
28 49