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1. without flaws
2. perfect
3. Spencer Smith
Spencer Smith is flawless.
by merlins_unicorn May 18, 2011
Negative suffix "Less" infers opposite definition to the word "Flaw"
1. to be without fault
2. Perfect
3. lacking defects
"your essay on modern colloquialism of the english language was flawless"

"the diamond in my engagement ring is flawless"
by Infamosity September 30, 2008
To be the absolute definition of perfect. To be with no flaws. To have nothing wrong with you. To be everything someones everywished for. Your so amazing that your the sex of females. To be everything i want. To be everything i've ever wished for
Me : Have you ever noticed how perfect you are miranda dawe :)
Miranda dawe : i wish

Me : baby your so amazing, i really find you flawless honey :)
by The boy of your dreams February 25, 2010
1. having no defects or faults, especially none that diminish the value of something
2. legally sound
3. having no discernible blemishes or shortcomings
4. a love that knows no bounds, that will transcend everything
1. A flawless Ming Dynasty vase.
2. The prosecution had a flawless case.
3. Flawless beauty
4. Squishy and the Bee share a flawless love.
by Squishys Bee February 20, 2012
baylor Cherry
Baylor Cherry, she's Flawless!
by Seriously True November 21, 2012
To be completely perfect and look HOT in every way.
1. well tbh i think we should, we could easily do it! we've just gtta keep our private things between us, go for us that are HOT and make sure we're friendly, lovely,

chatty and social and make ourselves flawless


Person A) I'm stuck on 3 down. The clue is "synonym of cunt"

Person B) Easy, it's "flawless"
by Banana Twatburn April 23, 2010
Term used by gay men to describe a person, place, thing or event that in their opinion looked or was amazing in an awe-provoking way they feel also could not be improved upon. Or simply, perfect and without room for criticism, however, usually impressively so.

Also used when gay men simply want to convey this attitude toward someone or something for encouragement or to think positively about something.
1. Gurrrrl....you look FLAWLESS!

2. A baggie filled with M&M's AND ADVIL?!!! Flawless!

3. That picture of us in the back of your Bentley wearing formal gowns holding your pug dog wearing sunglasses---FLAWLESS!

4. The lobby of this new Vegas casino is flawless!

5. Whitney's voice is flawless.

6. Granny, this cherry pie is flawless!

7. How was your debutante ball? "Well, the train of my dress caught on fire while I was making my entrance and I didn't realize it till my hair caught on fire--but I have to admit, all in all honey---it was FLAWLESS!!
by Stepheno July 13, 2006