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A person sooo beautiful and amazing. You can't fault a Tillie. Most men get erections when seeing such a flawless woman. Shes intelligent, easy going and anyone can fall for her.
David: Jeeeezze, i cant stop tinking bout dis gurl. but i dunno why. Her names Tillie.

Matt: course man, shes a tillie they ave dat effect on every1.
by shankyublud June 21, 2010
a small shhhlagggg.
Person 1: "You're such a tillie!"
Person 2: "What.. a midget?"
Person 1: "Naaah, a shlaggggg"
by wotsits13 March 27, 2010
Slang for an ATM. From "Tillie The All-Time Teller" at First National Bank of Atlanta (now Wachovia).
I got no cash! I need to go rape Tillie before we hit the bars.
by jabba17 April 16, 2007
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