breasts, mammary glands, bosoms, bust, chest, boobs, knockers, bazooms, hooters.
Rachel: Oh, but I don't like it, it doesn't fit me right, Rachel, it'll look good on you though because you have big tillies!
Rachel: Oh, well... Thanks!
by Jake Whitlatch May 10, 2010
a clothing store, selling volcom, roxy, quiksilver, etc. Cater's to young teenage girls who listen to emo and think their punk. Also caters to guys whoare the same, Or think their hard by wearing big ugly ass belt buckles with skater shoes and Mob Inc./Metal Mullisha clothing.
Girl: "Look at my new roxy tanktop and seatbelt belt"

Guy: "Check out my new Metal Mullisha shirt"
by scalisi May 30, 2005
means cool or something looks great.
That phone looks tilly.
by Mysticdragon April 01, 2015
A temptress or tease
Check out that Tilly over there. Why won't she come over here.
by Richard Ready October 13, 2014
cocktail, alcoholic beverage
Lets stop by the bar for a couple "tillys".
by Brian Rosenow July 15, 2005
A retail store that buys a few name brand compaies such as Volcom Etnies Quiksilver Metal Mulisha and Famous Stars and Straps to mask the fact that they are not a boardshop and 95% of the store is filled with there own private label brands. Usually following fashion trends of the 909
Fuck....... you know that shits gay its in Tillys.


Mom: "come on its back to school Johnny!!!!! Do you want to go to Tillys"

Child: " no way mom im too busy watching fuel tv ."

"Fuck that kits heinous i think Rob shops at tillys and he's like 28"
by PUKEBLOOD September 19, 2007
Tilly, or sometimes called "the tilly" is one of, if not the hardest neighborhood north of the equator. If you know or hear of anyone claiming to be from "the tilly", leave this mother fucker alone.
Friend 1: "Yo dawg, you gonna let that fool talk to you like that?"

Friend 2: "Shit yeah man, my cousin said that crackers from the tilly, I'm not tryin to die tonight"
by Tyrone Kizzaps March 12, 2007

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