a tiger that thinks its black
by tiigger February 01, 2010
A term for a tamil person who thinks their black. (tamil nigger). They often can be seen with baggy clothing, large baseball hats, jewelry, a pierced ear, and lineups (short haircut designs around the sides of the head integrated with facial hair).
Similar to wigger which is a white person who thinks they are or act like they are black. They are rampant in Markham, Ontario - a subarb of Canada home to the largest population of tamils outside India.
insert name is a tigger: he thinks he's black when he is really a tamil.
by Timmyd1983 December 10, 2009
A transexual Nigger.
Tigger alert!!! RUN!!
by Peter Dick 1in October 24, 2009
The hippity hoppity friendity.

That yewe loveity 8D
T-I-GG-rrrrrr,that's me!

Hippity Hoppity Flippity Floppity T-I-GG-ER Tigger,yep that's me!
by Attack Fork April 03, 2008
Related to the word wigger, it refers to a Middle Eastern, Arabian, or a person from one of those countries, who acts too black. The word is made up of terrorist and nigger, hence the word tigger.
Habib talks like he's black. What a tigger.
by Shabaz Capri September 21, 2006
Bastardization(s): Tigga

(noun; Pronun: TIG-URR) The white-boy version of the racially discriminatory term 'nigger'. 'Tigger' is to be used when the word 'nigger' is just not appropiate. For example, 'nigga' may not be an appropiate word to use if you are whiter than glue and you're trying to sing some DMX while cruising in the 'hood with the windows rolled down in your '06 Focus.

'Tigger' can also be used in the form of 'tigga', which has the same meaning. It is rumoured that this bastardization will give wiggers more street cred. I think it was street cred anyway. That or bullet holes; but I can't be bothered to check...
Example One:
Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo!
Catch a tigger by his toe
If he hollers,
Let him go
Eeny, Meeny Miny, Mo!

Example Two:
Tigga please!
by Morgan AV Finch March 22, 2006
A Thai person who thinks they are black and tries to act all ghetto and shit. The thai version of a wigger or a chigger
That Thai hip hop group Thaitanium are a bunch of Tiggers with their gold chains and baggy pants. They think they are from Brooklyn, when they are actually from Bangkok.
by Poonstankqua December 04, 2010

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