A tigger is a petite, fine looking woman. Height of the tigger can vary as it's relative to the observer, but there must be at least 1ft difference in height between the tigger and the observer. it's a reference to Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. You just have to imagine her on top doing what a Tigger does best (bounces).
i had a fine-ass tigger last night!!
by ize June 10, 2005
Someone with a bouncy, cheery personality may be referred to as a Tigger (after Tigger from Winnie the Pooh)
She's so cheerful, she might as well be a Tigger
by nlsgrl January 11, 2014
large, voluptuous, big ol' titties
John has a preference for jewish women because they usually have tiggers.
by Jude Fawley March 11, 2008
A derogatory term used to discriminate against tigers.
Guy at zoo as he passes by the big cat's cage: #@!$ing tigger... always bringing down the lion's economy by stealing its meat.
by Tiggerhater August 01, 2010
A orange striped cat who is very beastly
Hey tigger is a very beastly cat
by feaster123 May 30, 2010
Tards who wannabe wiggers. White retards who don't even rise to the level of being wiggers. Especially prevalent in the Sacramento Russian community
"That fucking Russian guy is always jumping off park benches, thinking he's a bad ass"
"Forget him. He's a tigger who thinks he's a wigger."
by CIDot May 12, 2010
Large orange snotty cat.
Bless you Tigger
by Teri Bennett April 02, 2010

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