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a person from taiwan who has listens to rap, wears bling bling and does other stuff black people do
An example of a tigger is Bruce Chen.
by biggerpersonthanyou March 24, 2010
40 700
Someone who is below an untouchable in the caste ranking pyramid.
That guy is a tigger, street sweepers are cooler than him.
by Nancy247 April 27, 2011
5 666
Defender of munchingfoo and all round Sinner enthusiast.
I'll set the Tigger on you.
by ClimbingTigger April 11, 2008
5 666
wat i call my babiigirl lol inside joke BUT NOBODY ELSE CAN CALL HER THAA damnits
Tigger is yu stuck in thaa tree again babii...damnits lemme fly over and getchu out
by Angeni May 16, 2006
5 666
tigger is my buddy.. his real name is dustin but hes the shiznit werd! pimp it like its hott!
tigger rox mah world haha
by kiddles February 01, 2005
10 710