Top Definition
1. to get blackout drunk
2. to slowly ruin your own life
3. to fire your fraternity's female cook while being black out drunk
"Man, that kid is chased!"
"That kid chased his life."
"Dude, Chase got so chased last night he chased."
by cfoh5 November 17, 2005
The ack of drinking so much that normal life has slowed down so much that you believe that your rapping skills, dancing skills, nunchuck and bow staff skills are the best in all human kind. If you had such a good drunkin sobber that you wake up the next morning naked with one butt cheek waxed you have accomplished your goal.
One bad night, followed by a good morning story of guess what happened to me last night. Dont't feel to bad you just been chased.
by jimmy neutron IV December 23, 2006
a word used to discribe what someone did to a bathroom or toilet.
Omfg!!! someone chased out the bathroom!!!!
by tegan munkedal September 03, 2007
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