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The sexiest man found on the beach of Cabo. Just seeing him makes you drool and take of his clothes. His incredibly sexy swimmers body makes you want to take him strait to bed for the ride of your life. Hes amazing in bed and can make any of your dreams come true. This man is seriously the best thing ever created.
damn look at hayes i want him inside of me
by bigbooty111 December 11, 2011
A mental state, where one may have a sense of emptiness or unfulfillment even after accomplishing society in all domains; financially, socially, physically.

To hayes, is to want something more without knowing what it is. Or to desire something unknown with the belief it would fill a void in an already 'perfect' life.

A person who may feel hayes would be one who may seem to have everything, but themselves feel quite the opposite.
1. His wife could see the hayes in his eyes; Richie Rich felt empty as he lay awake staring at the roof of his million dollar condo.

2. A rush of hayes filled his mind after becoming the worlds richest man.

3. Not until one is free of hayes does one achieve absolute peace.
by Cecil Paul June 14, 2013
A family of kindhearted souls, usually characterized by their good nature, charitable ways, and quirky but lovable sense of humor. An endangered species; there's less than one hundred known. Usually Haye family members are very intelligent, or at least just clever.

"Haye"s are usually involved when something has to be done right the first time, charitable work with honest intentions must be done, or when public property that was defaced or vandalized has been repaired anonymously.

Some think that "Haye"s are angels in disguise, but they are just ordinary people with an abundance of kindness and useful, if not sometimes random, skills.

Not related to Hay, or Hayes, or to be confused with either.
The Haye family organized that fundraiser for the local children's hospital last month.
by Liros December 01, 2011
Fuck You, HA, or FUCK ME.

Depending on circumstances, and where it is put it can mean any one of those three.

haye or (ha-yay) is the sound microsoft sam makes in a certain instance when it is trying to say ha.
"haye" alone and spontaniously sent, or after a fight -


"lolol haye" - HA

"Wanna hang? Haye haye" - FUCK ME
by The M a.k.a. IWMHOM February 07, 2010
Hayes is another work for testicle pudding.
1. As Jimmy pulled out of Sarah's vag, he let his hot load of Hayes all over her tits.
2. My head hurts, I could definatly go for a good shot of Hayes right now.
3. After watching his favorite porno dvd, Clancy noticed his belly botton was filled to the brim with Hayes.
by Bronko February 09, 2008
A photograph lacking in apparent artistic merit, more than likely copied from someone else's work. Usually these photos are badly lit and badly photoshopped and will always include a partially dressed female.
1st Person "Look at that photograph on Facebook it looks like a Hayes"

2nd Person "yeah its a total piece of shit"
by BorisYeltsin September 24, 2011
One who is male, but can show to be very fruity in the booty.
Instead of using the term bunny, you can say "oh my gosh you are so hayes"
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