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A transexual Nigger.
Tigger alert!!! RUN!!
by Peter Dick 1in October 24, 2009
Another word for a womens vagina.
That girls was wearing a skirt and I caught a glimpse of her tigger.
by sfr002 March 31, 2008
(Noun) When a hot girl sits on your lap and you bone her up the ass while she has no clue its happening.
How was the bus ride home yesterday?

Dude I totally tiggered ashley the whole way home.

She didn't notice?


by Jamesssssssssss! March 04, 2008
A dog or member of the canine family.Wild tigger means any undomesticated canine.Tigger Hayes is also a variation of the term.
My tigger ate my homework and then chased my cat.
by Elvia January 31, 2008
The act of trying to forcibly kiss a girl, when she doesn't give you consent. Another way of saying it is when a guy tries to "face-rape" a girl.
Dave: Yo, did you hear what happened to Gena yesterday?
Rico: What happened?
Dave: Derek pulled a "Tigger" on her!
Rico: Wait? Isn't Tigger a Winnie the pooh character?
Dave: No man. She told me they were hanging out in the back of a movie theater. He then tried make-out with her and was acting hornier and jumpier than the real "Tigger from Winnie the Pooh."
Rico: Damn bro, that crazy.
Dave: I know, then he came to me today and said she pulled it on him.
Rico: Wow! What a "Tigger"
by The Guardian of Teen Life November 22, 2011
An opinionated person who has no interpersonal skills. One who likes to copy and paste conversations during fun times in kingdoms of camelot
Tigger bounced her way around with her holier than thou persona, who copied and pastes in Kingdoms of Camelot.
by booyah99 January 13, 2012
wat i call my babiigirl lol inside joke BUT NOBODY ELSE CAN CALL HER THAA damnits
Tigger is yu stuck in thaa tree again babii...damnits lemme fly over and getchu out