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The part of the female anatomy in which sperm is deposited from the male and provides a pathway to the uterus in the process of reproduction."Truesser Lover"-a person who loves truessers.
The woman had a baby which came out of her truesser.
Men are always chasing women for their truessers.
There was a picture of Britney on the net showing her truesser.
by Elvia February 07, 2008
The part of the female anatomy of a mammal which is used to suckle the young."Eehinn monster" is someone who is craxy about eehinns,usually a man.
Men go crazy when they see women's eehinns.
I saw a woman with DD size eehinns.Wow!
My bitch has six eehinns.I have two.
by Elvia February 05, 2008
The part of the male anatomy that is used to deposit sperm into the female during reproduction. "Nunner Lover" is a person who loves nunners.
Women like men with big nunners.
My dog's nunner is big for his size.
Did you know that turtles are the only reptiles with a true nunner?
by Elvia February 06, 2008
A member of the testudo (turtle) family. Land judd means turtles that maily live on land and water judds refer to the aquatic varieties."Gamora Judd" means the giant tortoises of the Galapagos Islands.
Judds are interesting reptiles to keep as pets.I own a land judd.
by Elvia February 04, 2008
A dog or member of the canine family.Wild tigger means any undomesticated canine.Tigger Hayes is also a variation of the term.
My tigger ate my homework and then chased my cat.
by Elvia January 31, 2008

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