An extremely overweight individual who cannot walk without their thighs making a thundering clap.
This term has been used mistakenly to myself.

I had a horrible bicycle accident when I was young and my right thigh was ripped open, even though they stitched it with 16 stitches, I still feel pain more than 10 years later.

This part they stitched isn't flat like the rest of my thigh so it tends to rub against my other thigh and because this accident made it hard for me to be active, yes I am a big guy - not a fat guy, my legs are more muscle than fat, I can bike my 280 body up a vertical hill on a 1 speed freestyler (sometimes I can't do it right leg goes completly numb) well thats why I am not offended, because I am not the one your joke is even ment to be aimed at.

"John had a terrible accident, and now years later some few jealous - ex girlfriend co-workers are calling him 'thunder thighs', which is mistakenly used and is way out of context.. John thinks they should go F$!$#@ themselves!"
by John.Haynes February 24, 2008
Top Definition
Of a woman, large, broad hips and thighs. One of the most tasteful images possible is a woman of such build in a bikini.
Yeah that's right. What the above definition SHOULD SAY. Goddamn anti-fat bastard!
by IcyHaku December 01, 2004
"THUNDER THIGHS" are a fat girls thighs that are so humoungous, big & fat that they clap together when they walk. This produces a loud noise which goes like "SLAP, SLAP, SLAP" , hence the "thunder" part of the word.
Look at that girls thunder thighs!
by Emily December 28, 2004
a pair of big ass thighs.
Her thunder thighs couldn't even fit in her jeans.
by Kenny October 27, 2004
Thick thighs on a curvy(not fat) lady. usually a girl with thunder thighs has a Nice A**!
guy1; dayumm shawty got sum thunder thighs
guy2;FEREALLL HOMIE,she got a nice ass too.
by NAWWMEAN July 11, 2009
A pejorative term for a person with large thighs, alluding to the sound of thighs hitting against each other.
Person 1: Whoa, check out thunder thighs over there. EARTHQUAKE!

Person 2: Actually, I think thunder thighs and wide hips are kinda hot.
by D-S February 19, 2006
The thighs of a curvy voluptuous woman, famous in the 70s and early 80s period which adds a seductive, sensual appeal to the whole persona of the woman; unlike a skinny, lean pair of legs so much in fashion and so desired now.
Wow! Check out the thunderthighs on that woman, makes me want to make sweet love to her all night long.
by Im ur stitch February 28, 2013
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