When a person's thighs are so large, they clap like thunder.
Did you see that girl's hips? Damn she's got some thunder thighs.
by hKbA October 17, 2010
Basically, you have normal thighs, then they get fat (tier 1). But when they get like even fatter, you get another level of fat like a hill of fat(tier 2), which is loose off the other fat so when a thunder thigh is being walked besides the legs (tier 1) rubbing against eachother they (tier 2) hit eachother making a noise, hence thunder coming into the expression, most likely to because of alliteration for a dramatic, comedic affect. This sound can have a brighter tone and richer feel if accentuated with bumpy cellulite
Damn, those thunder thigs are so massive it looks like shes got a second arse

It's like someones stuck balloons in those thunder tighs

No, no....come on, this cant be real, that girls got thunder thighs ripping out like the hulk
by F-Laboyrie May 31, 2007
When a girl has enormous thighs that make you waddle when you walk.They rub up against each other and make a slapping noise when walking
Damn that girl Krystin got some thunder thighs on her.
by Melissa Sanderzzz June 05, 2007
a girl with EXTREMLY big thighs
wears tight skinny jeans to make her legs look small(doesn't work)
walks around like shes big
makes fun of people she thinks is "ugly" even though this girl is FUUGGLLYY!
"watch out THUNDER THIGHS is coming"

by Le infamous March 12, 2009
when someone has extreeemely large thighs (guy or girl) may be a very muscly guy and may involve OVERHANG. these thighs are so powerful that when running is done by the individual, the ground may rmble like thunder hence 'thunder' and some times sparks may be produced like lightining.
A - "wooow what the hell is that???"
B - "EARTHQUAKE!!!!!!!"
A - "oh wait no its only Jimmy and Singo, jesus look at those thunder thighs!!!!!"
by zachary1604 February 23, 2009
to have thighs that you have to buy pants 4 sizes too big just to get ur fat ass thighs in.
god, erin brady had fat ass thunder thighs
by Jess January 14, 2004
The nick-name Given to Chun-li by her friends and family.
Her name is Chun-li, but we just call her Thunder Thighs.
by Jordan Miller April 23, 2005
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