Thighs that are muscular and strong. Something to be proud of.
Look at the beautiful lady. Her thighs are sooooo strong. There Thunder Thighs!
by musicisme000 July 22, 2011
n. A person who is so overweight that one's thighs rub together when he/she walks and creates a low rumbling noise deep within the earth whenever he/she steps.
Holy christ! Here comes thunderthighs! Hold onto something! Brace yourselves!! *BOOM* (low rumbling noise)
by TheJEnigma March 23, 2004
A woman whose thighs are so powerful she can crush granite between them. It's so sexy! It can happen to women who march.
The most physically attractive person in the GT Marching band, Thunder Thighs, is really Catherine S., the flautist, who graduated in '08.
by Helluva Nengineer October 14, 2008
Pertaining to a person with very large or fat thighs.
I need to get rid of these thunder thighs.
by Light Joker September 07, 2004
thighs on a person(usually a chubby one) that jiggle violently
Zeus' thunderthighs jiggle vilolently when he runs in the clouds.
by Matt S. Bush November 21, 2008
thighs tha are the size of dinner hams that jiggle while you run
damn that girl has thunder thighs..yeah that ones so big i could live of it for a week
by T-MONEY May 01, 2003
a girl with perfect hips and thighs and knows how to rock a bikini. Usually has the best body out and goes perfect with abs. Thigh gaps arent even needed if you have thunder thighs, your basically perfect already! be careful not to judge people by this, and dont use it against them.

thunder thighs are the opposite to fat so dont make it out to be
person 1: dayumm girl you got some thunder thighs!

person 2: biggest hottie out
by biggesthottayevahh November 26, 2013

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