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The snail is when the boy lays on his back with his hands behind his head with his elbows sticking up. The girl should be underneath a blanket in doggy position sucking the boy off. This should look like a snail, with the elbows being the eyes and the girl underneath the blanket being the shell
Oi man i walked into my room mate room last night and this girl was doing the snail on him.
by Crazy Johnny boy 745 June 18, 2006
when u take "A" nut and roll it to the top of your penis....then if u look at it from the side it should resemble a snail....if it doesn't your probably jewish.
Matt: hahah yoo guys look its the snail!!!!
Joe:look at mine!
(everyone):tht doesnt look like a snail....you kno what tht means
by bigjewdick February 21, 2008
Part of the Penis Showing Game.

1. Create the eiffel tower
2. Wrap in a circular motion under then around your balls
3. Pull penis to one side with ballsack still on top

Does this look like a snail to you?

Why yes it does.

That's why they call it the snail.
by GoldenShower June 14, 2009
Medical term: the complete opposite of "diarrhea", "the runs" and "the marathons". So named for the slow pace at which feces is ejected from the body over a long period of time, and for other characteristics shared with snails.
Time to take the snails for a long walk...
by Kronos Russo September 12, 2013