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1950s slang. Same as holding for possession of drugs for personal use or dealing.
Are you anywhere? Are you holding?
by MiF January 16, 2005
12 2
1) Misuse of the commonly accepted word "anywhere"

2) Commonly used by Halogonians (one who resides in Halifax, NS) in an effort to explain the unexplainable.

3) Sometimes used to stun a verbal opponent with shear stupidity in order to evade retaliatory acts.
"I couldn't find it anywheres."
"If you look anywheres, you'll see it."
by RoboSapien July 01, 2004
12 4
Some degree of progress or advancement with regards to a specified objective. Usually used when no progress is evident.
What have you done on the new website project? Are you anywhere on this thing?
by MiF January 17, 2005
9 3