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When your woman has dragged her naked, aroused pussy across part of your body, leaving a snail trail, you can say you've been snailed.
After I fucked her, Vivian snailed my leg. I had to take a shower to get the sticky pussy juice out of my leg hair.
by vastheman August 18, 2009
after cumming on a girls facial region proceed to run the head of your penis down her cheek creating a cum trail know as a ''snail trail'
pastense-hey man i totally snailed the shit out of that bicth last night

presentense- dude im totally snailing this chick right now let me call you back......."SNAILLED IT!!!"

futuretense- yo man, you remeber destiny im ganna snail the shit out of her
by malone-CQ June 22, 2011
Online internet users are tricked into going to a video containing the MapleStory snail. There is also a very loud "snaaaaaaaaaaail" being shouted.

See Rick Roll
Bob: go to this website, it will show u what to do
Joe: wtf bob
Bob: u got snailed lololol
by Snail23 May 26, 2008
When a male attempts to have sex with a flacid penis, but cannot successfully complete the deed.
"How was last night with Jess? Did you nail her?"

"Nah dude, I snailed the shit out of her."
"I'm sorry man, it happens to the best of us."
by Honeybadger69 January 13, 2014
A specific state of inebriation in which a person would not be able to move anywhere (to a bathroom, for example) without vomiting, and therefore leaving a trail of vomit, not unlike the trail a snail leaves across the sidewalk.
Drew got snailed and left a trail all the way to the bathroom from his bed.
by Positi August 17, 2009
a combination of hail and snow. looks like small balls of hail with a snow covering. similar to styrofoam pellets in appearance.
Dude, did you see that lastnight? It looked like hail and snow, i don't know. I think it snailed lastnight.
by kimpossi January 19, 2009
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