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According to legend, Mr T hacked World of Warcraft and added a mohawk class. Maybe Mr T's pretty handy with computers. Did you ever consider that? The night elf mohawk is similar to a warrior, and is known for its hairstyle and ability to pity fools. It is commonly seen riding a frost sabre through the forest.
I'm Mr T and I'm a night elf mohawk! What's your game?
by vastheman August 08, 2009
Euphemism for a man who acts in erotic films - a male porn star.

From the common set-up for cheap porn flicks where a guy knocks on the door of a house, which is answered by a woman (often supposed to be an attention-starved housewife), upon which he says, "I'm here to clean your pool."
Foster so wishes he was a pool cleaner - just look at his porn moustache and mullet.
by vastheman December 18, 2007
When your woman has dragged her naked, aroused pussy across part of your body, leaving a snail trail, you can say you've been snailed.
After I fucked her, Vivian snailed my leg. I had to take a shower to get the sticky pussy juice out of my leg hair.
by vastheman August 18, 2009
1. Insult for a person wearing a business suit or tuxedo (because a penguin's black and white colouring vaguely resembles a person in a suit).

2. Insult for a Linux user (because the mascot of Linux is Tux the penguin.
1. Yo penguin lookin motherfucker think you better dan us boyz frum da 'hood?

2. Damn those penguin lookin motherfuckers and their Evolution mail client! Why can't they use Outlook like normal people?
by vastheman October 14, 2008
1. Something very cold (as in "cold as a witch's titty").

2. Someone you who supports you who you know is evil (as in "drinking from the witch's titty).
1. You: "How's the weather in Melbourne?"
Me: "It's as cold as a witch's titty!"

2. Me: What are you doing these days?"
You: "Research project sponsored by Microsoft."
Me: "Microsoft? Man, you're drinking from the witch's titty!"
by vastheman October 14, 2008
1. A girl who doesn't shave, wax or otherwise depilate her legs, armpits and/or pubic region. Possible reasons include laziness, sensitive skin, a belief that it's more natural, or a partner who likes it that way.

2. A girl with an unusually large amount of body hair. Some guys think this is a turnoff. Others however, believing it is caused by an abundance of sex hormones, think that hairy chicks are better in bed.
1. Man, I was at the nudist beach and I saw some hippie with full armpit hair and a wild bush. Hairy chicks are such a turnoff!

2. I would so shag Linh if she was a bit older. See her arms? She's still underage, and she's already a hairy chick.
by vastheman January 28, 2010
A substitute noun when you get a mental block or just plain can't be bothered saying the word you mean. It's a bastardisation of the Greek word pousti (an insulting term for a homosexual man). Unlike the original Greek word, busti carries no homophobic connotations.
Hey, could you pass me the busti?
by vastheman August 16, 2009

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