Someone who knows a place to get drugs and/or do drugs.
Hey man, you go the hook on that?
by Miss Magz March 27, 2008
brings you back.
The hook brings you back. I ain't telling you no lies.
by El Macho Hunter December 04, 2003
The best local newspaper for Charlottesville, VA. Rival of the C'Ville newspaper. Offices on th Downtown Mall. Website:
Did you see THe Hook's article on how cool Agent S is? Oh man, it was awesome!
by Agent S November 30, 2003
The Hook, or as its know in laymens terms Bendycockolitus, It's basically where your penis doesn't get hard on one side, left or right, it doesn't matter, and basically it bends to one side, thus creating a hook shape.
Woah, look at jacks penis it looks like a hook, he must have The HOOK!
by AAARG I'MA rape you loads May 11, 2010
using one's finger in a hook like fashion relieve constipation
Jeff Frentz used the hook to eliminate pressure from his bowels
by Matt Drawbaugh December 07, 2004

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