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Really cute and funny. You always laugh when your around this person. Will make a great friend or boyfriend who will always look out for you.
I love Marshall so much, he makes me so happy!
by jacksy44831 December 03, 2008
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The best fucking rock amps in the industry.

The loudest amps around without sacraficing tone or sound quality. Used in both the recording studio and at live gigs.

"Here on stage the Marshall noise is piercing through your ears" - Metallica
by bryan18 December 27, 2005
If you meet a Marshall you're really lucky. He always knows how to make you feel special and he's really cute. He has a lot of friends but he's easily insulted. Even if he's dealing with his own problems, he always has time to listen to yours. He usually has chocolate brown eyes that are beautiful and he cares a lot about his hair. He likes acting and theater. He has good taste in music but he usually doesn't like country or rap. He's an amazing singer and is also great at band. He usually plays either the french horn or the trombone. He's really fast and runs track. He also plays soccer. He's really athletic and is really muscular. He's beautiful on both the inside and the outside and he knows it but he doesn't brag about it. He doesn't judge people, and he often excepts people just the way they are. He's really good at complementing people and often flirts with everyone without meaning to. if you're lucky enough to have him as a boyfriend, don't let him go because he's probably the best guy you'll ever meet. He'll make you feel like you are the most beautiful person in the world, because he honestly thinks that you are. He's honest and trustworthy and just all around amazing. He also gives the best hugs.
F1: i felt down today but then i talked to Marshall and now i feel so much better.
F2: yeah. i love how he makes everyone feel special.
by Cowgirl M. August 15, 2011
exellent, fun or pertaining to a good time or situation.
dude that concert last night was marshall,I'll never forget it.
by T harding April 18, 2007
Having the ability to modify or repair what most concider to be garbage. A.K.A. MacGyver.
Marshall once made a "CD Player from his mom's vibrator using some chicken wire and Sh*t".
by Jason Mewes & Silent Bob August 05, 2007
A super sweet, amazing, cute, caring guy. He usually has extremely curly brown hair, chocolate eyes, is super tall, and makes you laugh so hard your sides hurts for weeks! A Marshall is someone who is always there for you, no matter how much you screw up, or how much you complain about it. He's an amazing friend, a beastly boyfriend, and everyone loves him. He loves rock and rap, is the future Eminem, and is a rebel kid that's not afraid to be himself.
"I talked to Marshall today!"- Blondie

"Seriously? I fucking love that kid."- Fatty McGee

"I knowww! He's fucking hilarious, I've never laughed that hard in my entire life!"- Blondie
by FattyMcGee\m/ January 14, 2012
1. Coming from the latin language:
is derived from the world for
horse keeper. In latin times,
horse keepers were considered
wise and loyal people.

2. The most amazing and loving
man anyone can possibly have
for a boyfriend. He's the pwnage.
1. Hi, my name is Marshall.

2. I'm going to see Marshall
this weekend. We're gonna make
love like no other.
by EMasochist March 20, 2006
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