When you fuck a grandmother, her daughter, and her grandchild all in one night.
I fucked my friends grandma, mom, and sister and got the cycle.
by the next big porn star July 29, 2009
Top Definition
based off of the cycle in baseball,this feat only occurs when a guy nails the hottest girl in the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior grades.
did you hear jeff nailed that hot frosh...he completed the cycle!!
by LeGarfield Jenkins May 13, 2009
(N) - cyclical and tragic break-up process that involves breaking down to nothing before regaining one's form. Symptoms involve heavy binge drinking, random fits of tears and propensity for listening to depressing music (i.e. Dashboard Confessional).
That's the twelfth time he's put on "Round Here" what the hell?

Easy man, he's going through the cycle...it's all he's got.
by Jackdrnkrno7 March 12, 2010
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