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Another, but polite word for "gay"
Velo is short for velociraptor. Velociraptors fold up their little arms and let them hang like the stereotype for a gay person.
It is sometimes used with the preceding word "suspect" as in "suspect velo" or "closet gay"
Asshole: Why did mike just pass up on hooking up with your girlfriend? she's hot!


Asshole: naaah man, i think mike is suspect velo
by WordsOfTJ July 26, 2011
a newbie that gets owned in sof2 all the time, and a poser in skateboarding.
DOUCH, YOUCH! impression of "ouch"
by Anonymous March 10, 2003
A word that means Hello, but with a brown accent.
Velo Varvan Whud r you doing, JHID!!
by Ushanker Sivanathan May 28, 2003
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