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The lower intestinal cramping associated with diarrhea. The pain includes hot and cold flashes, goose bumps, and general irritation. Cycling refers to the way the pain comes on strong and then goes away repeatedly.
Dude, those Buffalo wings were good but I'm cycling big time. The bathroom here is disgusting so lets bounce, I need a decent toilet stat.
by SAB1179 November 22, 2009
Much like microwavable popcorn just before it's finished cooking, a conversation slows down and there is more and more time between statements. Often associated with the end of a social engagement or phone conversation.
Chris:....so....that's about it......
Pam: Yep.....you uhh, what um...what you doin now?
Chris: I dunno....probably headin home I guess...
Pam:.....yea.....I hear ya.....gettin late....
Chris: fo sho'.....let me know about that thing...
Pam:.......whats that now?
Chris:....alright lata, we're popcornversing like crazy
by SAB1179 August 24, 2009
When you are listening to the radio and the host speaks the exact same word that you just simultaneously read on a street sign or billboard while driving. This is called AJ's Displaced Optical Audio Synchro Event. Or AJ's DOASE (proncd Dose).
Radio Host: He really needs to work on his mechanics to improve.
Me: Holy crap, I was just reading a sign for 'Mechanics Street Next Left' at the exact same moment he said Mechanics. I think I just had AJ's DOASE
by SAB1179 June 20, 2011
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