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a college student who majors in this can forget about his life, because there will be no more time to do anything besides study, and then drink to forget how fucked you are. Study and drinking, that's about it. Also, engineers are known to have no sleeping pattern because of numerous all-nighters. There should be an amendment to the constitution to add an entire point to any engineering student's GPA, as only then will the scale be fair to everyone.
Business major: what's your major?
Engineering major: engineering.
Business major: (gets a mental image of engineering major stabbing himself with pencils, not sleeping for 36 hours straight, and failing multiple classes. Yet the engineering major is still 4 times smarter than the business major.)
by drew s December 10, 2007
A college major for those who love calculus, physics and pulling all-nighters.
I majored in Electrical Engineering because it will guarantee a monotonous job if I manage to graduate.
by Flopsy September 26, 2004
n. A branch of university education. Usually taken by students who want a job after graduating.
I want to study engineering!
by teh_awsum May 02, 2009
n. A profession, usually taught in universities as a four-year program. It's far more rigorous than most other programs available to university students, with the benefit of near-guaranteed employment after graduation. Downsides include not being able to get laid and extreme social awkwardness.
Arts majors:

Look, isn't that one of those engineering students? Man, what a pathetic loser. We're so much cooler lolol.

Engineering student:

It's this "loser" here that'll be making 70 grand a year right after graduating. Enjoy your degree in Classical Literature suckers, it'll probably qualify you for flipping burgers.
by monosodium glutamate April 17, 2009
A hard major that results in a good job in the end. Only problem is that there aren't enough girls in engineering.
We need to encourage more girls to take up engineering so that engineering guys can get laid.
by practicalmajor January 17, 2012
Engineering is the combination of sciences and mathematics to solve real world problems that improve the way people travel to places, work, travel, stay healthy, and entertain ourselves themselves on a daily bases. Engineering is concerned with the design, building and use of engines, machines and structures.
What is engineering?
engineering is everything
by Nootflix November 29, 2015
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