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4 definitions by Skutner

a euphemism for a female's menstrual cycle, used when one is too embarressed to say "period" but not wanting to say "time of the month"
Girl: If I act bitchy to you ignore me because i'm on my cycle.
by Skutner July 02, 2009
14 7
a slang term used to referance a female masturbating
Girl 1:Damn he's hot!
Girl 2: Fuckin a doesn't he make you wanna twiddle the twat
by Skutner July 04, 2009
6 1
A mixture of the "scene" style and the "pop punk" style.
Guy: Did you see tha guy with the neon blue hair and fishnets, he's so pop scene.
by Skutner May 16, 2009
0 0
A slang term for lubricant
Guy: Yeah I'll take Cum Buns 3, a black whip, and some go go grease
Clerk: Flavored or Regular
by Skutner May 10, 2009
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