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A TV show watched by teenagers. Very intense at times, and entertaining.
My friends and I watch the O.C. :)
by LaurenG May 29, 2005
A place in Sourthern california where everyone wishes they were from. Also a lame TV show that doesn't portray reality. Most importantly a hotbed of conservative voters too close to LA
"Where are you from?"
"The OC."
by Kristen Locke August 09, 2005
proably the most popular show that is appearently very addictive, that is based off of Langley High School, most of it is actually fairly accurate, minus all awkward moments, they jus seem to hookup immeaditly after getting dumped or dumping someone,
dood, did you see the OC last night, it was cruc(crucial)that shitt was about mee!!!
by QiRhOt December 13, 2004
A show about beautiful people who have orange skin. They are all beautiful and rich and they all fall in love, but somehow they still manage to have problems and drink vodka and steal lipsticks and shit...it's suppose to be entertaining, but i reckon people only watch it because you get to ogle the pretty people. It's pretty dumb. Oh yeah. Seth is irritating. Emo jerk. Ugh *slits wrists*
Clone: Oooh! The OC is full of beautiful orange people who make out frequently!!! I must watch it..'tis the latest trend and all the popular kids will be talking about it...I wish I had orange skin...
by Siouxsie the Prep Slayer November 03, 2004
An awsome show with hot guys and girls with dramatic plots.
Adom Brody, who is really hot, plays Seth on The O.C.
by Mee May 04, 2004
An awsomely amazing show with sexy actors adam brody and the guy playing ryans brother. I luv him! Takes place somewhere in California, not in Orange county unfortunatly, and shows the life of the rich and how screwed-up everything can get.
"Wow, good thing there was no school cause instead of studying for midterms i watched old OC episodes all night."
by Jennifer April 21, 2005
A load of crap that illustrates the decline of American society. A.K.A. OLD COCK
Some Girl: "OMG the OC is sooooo awesome!
by Miss Mayer 2 u November 11, 2004