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Oatley Campus (Georges River College) in Sydney.
Person 1: Where do you go to school?
Person 2: The OC.
Person 1: Like the TV show?
Person 2: No, idiot, Oatley Campus.
by maltedvomit February 02, 2007
A show not actually filmed in Orange County but an area near it. The show is dispised by everyone who lives in Orange County because it depicts their town as far easier to get pussy than it realy is. The Real OC is inhabited by many cock gobblering faggots who enjoy listening to KMK. Most of them are detriments to secioty and should be shot. This does not speak for the entire inhabitents of "The OC" though. There are many people who do not enjoy Suckeling cock living there.
Person 1: Hey are you from the OC?
Person 2: Ya...
Person 1: WOAH!!! you get tons of pussy dont you!!!
Person 2: No...
Person 1: do u listen to KmK?
Person 2: no.
by Caffeinecrazykid April 30, 2006
A very well acted and interesting show, full of twists and turns.

Contrary to popular belief, men who watch it are not necessarily homosexual. In fact, the majority are very, very heterosexual and enjoy Marissa Cooper and Summer Roberts.
Once in a while even Anna, except she's gotta do something about that buzz cut.
Also, all males can directly relate/strive to be either Ryan Atwood or Seth Cohen.
Lou: Hey Ryan dude, what are you doing tonight?
Ryan: Well I got all my homework done so I'm watching 2 discs of the OC.
Lou: Oh hahaha what time?
Ryan: Six.
Lou: I'll be there at five.
by Straight Guy Watching The OC December 10, 2009
A lame cookie cutter teen soap opera set in lame cookie cutter Orange County, California. No one in Orange County watches this show or calls the place "The OC". This show mainly caters to hicks and hillbillies in the Midwest and The South.

Thanks to this show, loser hicks from places like Tennessee and Iowa are coming to Orange County looking for the lifestyle of the characters in "The OC". As if Orange County needs more superficial people. Once they find out that they can't even afford to live like an illegal alien let alone the super rich lifestyle seen on the show they usually end up going back to Tennessee, prostituting on Beach Blvd or end up homeless.
The OC sucks and it doesn't represent Orange County well. The OC is a fraud.
by _Hawk_ October 06, 2006
Addicting && Very obssesing show. Show's about 4 "rich" teenagers that has minor problems in life...like uhh...there love life!!!...problems bout their love life. But its the BEST addicting show everrr!!! betta watch it!!!
marie: I LOVE THE OC!!!
kathleen: omg marie ur such an oc freak!
by princess sparklez July 24, 2005
A predictable, strangely addictive prime-time soap opera, featuring an alcoholic teenage girl and her adventures with the rough-and-tumble outsider her parents saved from a life of crime in Chino, and the escapades of other melodramatic yet lovable characters.
No, I can't go out Thursday night. The O.C.'s on.

Oh my God! Katie just got the second season of the O.C. on DVD! We have to watch it.
by contributer July 01, 2005
The greatest show of all time much better than One Tree Hill and Dawson's Creek. Kicks all other teenage drama's asses.
Katy: what are you doing tonight?
Amy; what else watching The OC!
Katy: cool, see ya.
by aggie4life December 21, 2004