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Beautiful, perfect smile, sexy, great kisser, knows how to have fun and joke around, pretty eyes, Can make you smile without even trying. When she gets upset your get upset. When she is happy you become happy.

I love you baby
When Merissa walked by every guy in the room couldn't help but stare.
by SuperbadFakeID15 April 03, 2010
Big Booty and trust i aint lyin
Deeayymm that one Merissa from the 707 got boootey
by JuElz November 10, 2003
A very pretty, beautiful woman who is usually a Spanish or a tan skinned person. Very out going but can be shy at times. Loves to party and meet new people/ hangout with her friends.
"Dude, I meet this girl the other day, she was beautiful"
"Sounds like you found a Merissa"
by xox_k February 13, 2015
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