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invented by hobbits, second breakfast is breakfast all over again
We'll just have time for second breakfast before it's time to start cooking lunch.
by Sienna March 17, 2003
"Entertainment" leading to the bastardization of young minds who are duped into thinking this show contains "issues." Will lead to the next generational depression when those who poisoned their sense of reality with this tripe are confronted with a life of selling mobile phones.
Congratulations to the guy who managed to tie rubbishing "Ja Rule" (another brilliant example of how mindless crap can be turned into a quick money spinner) into the OC.
I look forward to many a thumbs-down from the masses enraged by this momentary slip into reality... not until after next weeks episode though of course. Keep believing the purpose of mobile phones is to liberate you, rather than ensuring the fast-food industry has a perpetual supply of drones to man the cash register to pay off their "txt" compulsion.
Future mobile phone seller: "I hope the next week of my life disappears as fast as possible so the OC can comfort my pathetic existence for another 30 minutes."
by Sienna October 16, 2004
A totally random anti-imperialist punk band that think they're living in WWII era. Either that or they're a pop punk band that woke up one day and decided to be political. Still, their lyrics are amazingly profound and there are some original(!) and worthwhile songs despite the terrible female vocalist. Top of the mp3.com J*POP* charts for a while.
Girl 1: Let's wear foul language on our T-Shirts and walk around pretending to be 5 year olds.
Girl 2: Yeah! We hate America!
Girl 3: nRe ROX!!!!!!!!!11111
by sienna January 04, 2005
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