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1 definition by askasflafjlzxvxvcz

A great show whose major flaw is its characters are hopelessly gullible and unbelievably trusting of obvious liars, cheaters, and criminals. A guy could do drugs, shoot people, rob banks, and yet as long as he talks about his feelings with Merissa, she will trust him completely and assume him to be genuine. Ryan could see a guy doing drugs, shooting people, robbing banks, and talking to Merissa about her feelings, yet not do a thing because the idiot girl tells him that she trusts that guy.
The OC: Hey Merissa I'm an ex-felon arrested for rape who just broke out of prison. I have drinking problems. Wanna go hang at my sketchy place with us alone and talk about my feelings???
by askasflafjlzxvxvcz August 27, 2007