Fuckin greatest show on fox since malcom in the middle thats not reality like midgets pulling an airplane. Shelly thinks that Ryan is hot. I think Marissa is hot. Well it's hot.
Shelly, N-Gav, Shannon, and Romulus all watch the OC on Fox.
by Romulus January 07, 2004
An extremely unrealistic show, used by extremely intelligent people to escape from reality. Hence, T.V.
The OC
8-9 PM on THURSDAYS. Don't you dare talk to me.
by Jackie, IQ 140 September 11, 2005
A good show to watch....when your drunk, bored, high, or suicidal.
"The O.C again? That's it time to swallow something for amusement."
by Punkhead May 25, 2005
The greatest show of all time much better than One Tree Hill and Dawson's Creek. Kicks all other teenage drama's asses.
Katy: what are you doing tonight?
Amy; what else watching The OC!
Katy: cool, see ya.
by aggie4life December 21, 2004
A glossier Dawson's Creek, with hot characters, sex, drugs and rock and roll, real life issues and a fab soundtrack.
Whats a great tv show for teens?

The O.C
by Natalie September 02, 2004
A place in Sourthern california where everyone wishes they were from. Also a lame TV show that doesn't portray reality. Most importantly a hotbed of conservative voters too close to LA
"Where are you from?"
"The OC."
by Kristen Locke August 09, 2005
A TV show watched by teenagers. Very intense at times, and entertaining.
My friends and I watch the O.C. :)
by LaurenG May 29, 2005
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