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When you punch yourself in the balls as hard as you can to kill the sperm right before you ejaculate into a woman's vagina as to avoid other forms of birth control.
"Wow, the punching bag I gave myself last night hurt, but not as bad as 18 years of child support would have."
by Kyle Willinger April 02, 2007
n. The act of taking a used condom, tying it at the end (resembling a real punching bag), and pummelling one's parter in the face with it until it breaks and the semen inside explodes on her face.
In exchange for a rowdy round of sex, John gave Betsy the punching bag.
by Bryce H. April 24, 2003
When a couger gets down on all fours and lets you beat her titties with your weiner, not unlike a boxer would punch a bag.
William's mom let me perform the punching bag to her last night.
by Otis Spunkmeyer__ May 21, 2011
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