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One who is not afraid to speak their mind and do what they want in the face of ridicule and hatred.
The unpopular ones are more popular than the populars...think about it.
by boxcoolbox January 06, 2004
A very stupid label for the people who either refuse to live like,oh,let's say those 5 people over there...or someone who doesn't care about trends,fads and other senseless garbage.

This whole popular/unpopular social crime against humanity has been run into the ground so long ago that no one except for self hating,wannabe,and attention whores really care anymore.
by 137 July 31, 2004
One who is shy and cant make friends easy. Someone who wasn't popular in high school and is still a lame geek. Thank god for the internet. Now we have found friends finally.
Mike: Damn, why am I such an unpopular loser with women?

Sonny: Don't worry man, I suck at life too. Girls laugh at my big fat stupid ass.

Mike: At least you're not a 40 year old virgin bro.

Sonny: Is a 26 year old virgin any better? Eh, At least have eachother man.

''Two losers kiss hug and make out''
by GayBoys November 16, 2007
There's no difference between the "popular" people or the "unpopular" people. The popular people may have more friends, but that doesnt mean the "unpopular" people don't. These too are just stupid classifications with no defined border floating around the world of school.

I was joking with a couple of "unpopular" people, and then this girl came up to me and she's like, "You're one of them?" Um...wtf?
"She's so unpopular, I don't even know why you hang out with her."
by sharii June 30, 2006
Being unpopular is someone that has no friends but online. A geek who nobody thinks is cool and no girls like. No girls want to have sex with them.
John: Mike is really unpopular.. no girls like him, they say he looks like a sewer rat and I heard he's still a virgin.

Bob: What a loser, isn't that guy like 30?

John: Yeah, that's pretty fucked up. Thank god I'm not that lame.
by Gysn November 16, 2007
a person with no car, no friends but online. Only is capable of making friends with other fellow losers. The popular people wont give them the time of day and only use them to laugh at.
Vital is so unpopular.
by Mikert September 27, 2007
a really ugly nasty person who nobody wants to have anything to with, especially the opposite sex. Not good at anything they do. Stupid, uncool, poser & really gay. Not cool at school or online. Nobody wants anything to do with them except other fellow losers and even they just use them.
Vitale is really unpopular. He wondered if he would ever become popular one day.
by Mikert September 27, 2007