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adj.; of or referring to the scrotum
my balls itch, my sack is shrivelled, and my man-pouch is discolored, so obviously i have some "scrotal issues" to take care of.
by Ryan January 26, 2004
adj. Resembling a scrotum, having the wrinkly properties of a scrotum; a person who is being rude or obnoxious
Dude, why are you being scrotal to me?
You look very scrotal today.
by Borthycleeez July 19, 2010
Hanging around where you're not wanted. A pesky hanger-on who won't take a hint and take the slip. Similar to a set of balls.
We've been trying to ditch this loser for hours, but he's as scrotal as they come.
by itsnotup2u May 21, 2007
Receiving oral sex while having your scrotum streched around your penis.
Give me a goddammed scrotal bitch.
by wvgun March 17, 2006
adj; person who is an absolute choad(see choad).
See that guy over there in the sombrero? He is so fucking scrotal.
by Your mom February 19, 2004

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