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Noun. An extremely voluminous fart which often does not have the usual tell-tale "farting noise;" but rather a large "whooshing" sound due to the unbelievable amount of gas being released. Also noteworthy for its characteristic ability to produce significant, hot breezes that can move small objects/clothing, be felt escaping the bottom of a pant leg, or can even be felt by others. Often rated in terms of typical weights in pounds for very large human babies.
Herman broke up with his girlfriend because while sleeping at night, she gave birth to a twelve pound air baby that actually moved his penis, puffed up the blankets, and was so hot that it caused him to sweat profusely.


Sherman's hot air balloon was out of fuel and quickly crashing to the ground. Luckily, he gave birth to identical twin air babies and was able to slow his descent and land safely.
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by Steve^O March 18, 2008
A rapidly performed version of the punching bag.
After Herman gave Bonnie the speed bag for a good 7 minutes, he fell to the floor and clutched his lower abdomen in pain because of his extremely sore testicles.
#flexible #scrotum #balls #yoga #arabian #goggles #speed #bag #punching
by Steve^O March 18, 2008
noun. When a girl is so unattractive that, despite employing desperate measures to come on to you or make you blatant sexual offers, you still ultimately deny her. It is then customary to tell everyone you and her know about her desperation coupled with your rejection.
"Magdella was all over me last night. She wanted me so bad she was throwing herself at me."
"Well?? How far did you guys go?"
"Are you kidding me?! She's hobgoblin. I let her give me a no job and that was it."
#rejection #ugly #girl #blow #job #nasty #hideous #unattractive #no #disgusting #shot-down
by Steve^O March 18, 2008
noun. When engaging in sexual activity with a particularly flexible girl (gymnast, ballerina, etc.), lift the girl's hips and push them directly over her face, so that her knees are alongside both sides of her head. By then penetrating her vaginally from the other side, there will be unavoidable scrotal slappage to the face. In this way, the testicles are like small fists punching a punching bag, and her face is like said punching bag. When performed at a rapid tempo, can be referred to as the speed bag. Note, this move becomes much easier to pull off when the female has great flexibility or the male has really droopy balls.
After finding out that the girl sitting next to him at the bar was a yoga instructor, Franklin's first thought was that he would take her home and have a shot at the punching bag.


As Bonnie was being slapped repeatedly in the face by Herman's testicles, she protested, "Hey! Easy there! What do I look like? A punching bag?!" Herman responded, "Bingo."
#flexible #scrotum #balls #yoga #arabian #goggles #speed #bag
by Steve^O March 18, 2008
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