acronym for "Too Funny". similar to TFF, which stands for "Too Fuckin Funny"
Guy1: "Did you pour your drink on the girl when she asked for your number?"
Guy2: "Yeah"
Guy1: "Oh dang, thats tf"
Guy2: "I know right"
by Bils0n June 02, 2010
'too far'
crossing the line of jokes/social norms/acceptable behaviour
my mum keeps going tf and grounding me
by Bella Douchestar May 29, 2010
Abbreviation: Too Far
Often used when one takes a joke or story to far. Otherwise used to shut the victim up.
Handy for un-humorous jokes
Endless stories
Stibbi: Hey guys the other day i was.......
Dude: TF
Stibbi: Damn
by toooofar August 21, 2008
abbreviation for true friend
right there TF
by aaron1234567 July 13, 2008
Too Far (additionally, one can use WTF meaning Way Too Far)
"Awwwww Phoeeebbz, you just totally went TF!"
by mmmmmmmmstevenstewart May 29, 2008
TF means too funny. You can use t instead of saying lol or lmao.
"Shelia yu are TF!!!"
"Thanks Dan!!"
by Asheleyyy April 26, 2008
Tryna Fuck
"Ohh emm gee Billy would not stop flirting with me last night! He was soo TF"
by Bslizzle August 29, 2011

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