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1. Law (in Latin)
2. A name which stems from Alexander
3. Short form for Lexus or Rolex
"lex 2: Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain"

"My best friend is called Lex"

"I will be noticed when I pull up in my Lex, with the Lex aroudn my wrist."
by Squishmanchu February 27, 2006
an incredibly handsome guy with stunning superhero sexiness. lex is every girls' dream guy and the girl in his life is the honestly the luckiest female in the world. perfect doesn't come close to describe how truly wonderful he is. when he gives his love, he gives it wholeheartedly and always makes the girl in his arms feel special, beautiful and loved. he's respectful and treats her like a princess. He's the type of person a girl usually only dreams of but even so lex surpasses any dream man. he's the perfect lover and is always loved by the one he chooses. A guy to keep very close to your heart and love completely. Don't hold back because he is most definitely the most amazing person you will ever meet. I love Lex
kandice: wow... did you just see that superhero?
queenie: no dear! he's way sexier than any superhero i've seen! he's sooo incredibly gorgeous!
kandice: oh my... he most certainly is... of course! Its Lex man!
queenie: give me a towel now please, im sweating all over:)

I love Lex, honestly with all my heart and i can't begin to express how lucky i feel. i love you.
by awomaninloveyea:) July 03, 2010
physically attractive. originating from 'leng'(peng) and 'sex' combined. extreme pengness/sexiness.
my man is so lex, don't jealous me bro
That gal is so lex
Rah, he is lex
that lex girl be eyein you up, bruv
by bredda210mandem.suga.suga.babe February 19, 2011
Known especially for their uncontrollable humor, Lex are hard to come by. Being such rare specimens of attractivity, Lexs tend to naturally seduce many creatures of the opposite sex. A Lex is often very musically inclined, with percussion coming as easily as riding a bike. (Well, in a Lex's case, riding a bike might not come so know, coordination.)
If you meet a Lex, you'll probably notice a few things. They typically have an extreme fascination with puns and pranks. Also, a Lex might refuse to break certain habits, such as buttoning a shirt from the top down instead of from the bottom up. (This causes issues when trying to put the shirt on correctly...the buttons almost always go in the wrong buttonholes.) All these little characteristics add up to make a Lex the most adorable, lovable creature imaginable.
Boys, you better hold on to your girlfriends, because all the ladies are flocking to those blond haired wonders called Lexs.
Katy Perry: "Who's that stunner? Is that WILL SMITH?!"
Bodyguard: "No..that's...that's....holy snapple, it's a Lex!"
Katy Perry: "CAN I HAVE YO NUMBER??! Please, please, I hear you're really good at banging...the drums!"
by thegirlfriendDUH March 14, 2011
A very understanding person, can be a retard at times. Gets into trouble a lot. Caring, loving person. Overprotective. Overworries. Someone that can Cwalk. Does some things that aren't good for them. Someone that loves to be funny, and can be perverted. Someone that can be demanding, but nice.. when he wants to be. Someone that only loves the ones he cares for.
Lex is such a lovely person!
by JCLE July 14, 2010
Short for Alexander, as in Lex Luthor of Superman/Smallville.
In Smallville, Lex Luthor's head is bald and sexy
by brandNEWrawks October 11, 2004
usually the happy one, always talkitive. loves to dance when she hears music, has the best laugh. and an amazing smile. shes usally small. and is truly Beautiful. usually a great kisser, and thinks bj's are nasty. she can brighten a day up for anyone.
boy#1: who is that girl?!

i want her to be my baby mama.

boy #2:

ohh dude, you call that chick a Lex.
by hawaiimissesyou November 17, 2011
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