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I've heard it stands for team foundation server, but having used team foundation server, I now know it stands for Total Fucking Shit.
Did you know that TFS is Total Fucking Shit.
by Lucifer79 August 15, 2012
(acronym) Means Thanks For Sharing. This is used when someone doesn't want to hear what you're saying.

It can mean, "Please don't tell me more, I don't really want to know this".

Often used by cynical or sarcastic people.

Along the lines of tmi
Jacob: God, I have to go pee so bad!
Ben: TFS.
by Goddess M May 25, 2008
tfs means "thanks for sharing", in a sarcastic way.
"I caught my mom and dad having sex"
"tfs moron"
by stian p March 19, 2006
Thanks For Sharing

There are many posts declaring TFS is meant ironically or in another negative way, but this is certainly not the case. Any ironic expression of TFS or any other meaning only result if the main text of a message makes it that way. For itself, TFS is simply "Thanks For Sharing".
The pictures you sent me are really interesting. TFS
by thomawhack January 22, 2015
That/this fucking sucks
Friend: my ex texted me "I love you", i bet it was for her new bf... our first names the same.

You: Shit, TFS.
by p-mag February 21, 2011
Usually used when you have diarrhoea. Stands for Terrible Fucking Shit.
Chamir : Dude I just hit a TFS.

Theveshan: Holy crap man, your ass must have poop stains.
by Mr_Gargoyle November 06, 2015
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