trogfest; a social gathering where people come together to smoke marijuana, to t' b's, get stoned
man guy i got ozostonedz at yesterdays TF.
by dubzpen June 24, 2007
Translated French-i.e., fellatio with a condom. Abbreviation commonly found in escort web sites, esp. reviews from clients.
Her TF was outstanding-it felt like I had nothing on!
by H-Dog October 27, 2005
tittie fuck, if you cant use your imagination then its basically sticking your dick between some tits then fucking them...can leave nasty stains on your chest if he's just eaten beans or something
i hate tfs
by nza May 12, 2004
usually Follows W to become WTF? meaning "What The Fuck?"
Stands for "The Fuck" can allso follow Who, Where, When, Why, and How
WhereTF? WhoTF? WTF is going on here?
by AFRunner May 24, 2004
Titty Fuck. It means Titty Fuck.
"That brunette over there is just begging for a good TF, wouldn't you say"
by t. November 27, 2003
Twilight freak!
Jane: OMG!!! Did u c th shirt amy was wearing?!
Taylor: I kno!! She's such a tf!!!!!
by Tiffany Clevenger March 06, 2009
n. Short for "testicular fortitude", meaning balls, or ballsy.
"Hey man, tf!" - "Hey man, ballsy!"
"That takes tf, dude." - "That takes balls, dude"
by EskimoBobGuy June 10, 2004

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