Too Far (additionally, one can use WTF meaning Way Too Far)
"Awwwww Phoeeebbz, you just totally went TF!"
by mmmmmmmmstevenstewart May 29, 2008
TF means too funny. You can use t instead of saying lol or lmao.
"Shelia yu are TF!!!"
"Thanks Dan!!"
by Asheleyyy April 26, 2008
Full Form of the Word: TuNNe Freeze

1. (Esoteric Definition): The situation that faultlessly arrives due to a conglomeration of various reasons, which might or might not be under one's control, but inadvertently leads to the non-functioning of man's glorious shaft of enlightenment.

2. (For Dumbfucks): Where your penis gets frozen and becomes useless.
Dude, she's so ugly, that when she even breaths looking at my direction, I get TFed (TuNNe Freezed)
by Chapalatheerthananda March 25, 2011
Short for "Turd Floater". A large amount of rainfall that comes in a short period of time, i.e a flash flood.
Man, it sure did come a TF last night.
by Sethro274 September 18, 2010
acronym for "Too Funny". similar to TFF, which stands for "Too Fuckin Funny"
Guy1: "Did you pour your drink on the girl when she asked for your number?"
Guy2: "Yeah"
Guy1: "Oh dang, thats tf"
Guy2: "I know right"
by Bils0n June 02, 2010
"TF" is short for "tryna fuck?"
you walk in to a party and instantly you see a hot girl. you start to talk and she seems like she wants it. SO just to make things clear you simply ask her "TF"?
by ARsquared January 24, 2010
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