A CS abbreviation for Team Flash, which is when a person on your team uses a flashbang grenade to blind and deafen you, willfully or not.
I was TF'd, no wonder you killed me
by XiT3 aka Bjønnfæsk August 28, 2009
Too Far (additionally, one can use WTF meaning Way Too Far)
"Awwwww Phoeeebbz, you just totally went TF!"
by mmmmmmmmstevenstewart May 29, 2008
TF means too funny. You can use t instead of saying lol or lmao.
"Shelia yu are TF!!!"
"Thanks Dan!!"
by Asheleyyy April 26, 2008
"TF" is short for "tryna fuck?"
you walk in to a party and instantly you see a hot girl. you start to talk and she seems like she wants it. SO just to make things clear you simply ask her "TF"?
by ARsquared January 24, 2010
Team Fortress, a mod for Quake.
"It's old, but TF's great. I still play it."
by Tyler July 27, 2004
trogfest; a social gathering where people come together to smoke marijuana, to t' b's, get stoned
man guy i got ozostonedz at yesterdays TF.
by dubzpen June 24, 2007
AKA. Transfer.
Very cool manouvre in Tony Hawk Games wich may look impossible.
Used to impress other people or for better flow.
It may look difficult, it's not.
Requires simple practice/stealing to perform it.
Cyanite: I found a TF.
Blaz.TLT: Show me!

Jetcoke performs a enc DD, Wallplant the wall to rail, Bonks the Pole and flies 100meters in the air.
by Monorom May 05, 2007

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